Taking the leap of faith

To share my story and be vulnerable isn’t easy. There are my parts of my story that are easier to share than others.

The parts that are hard are the ones that open me up and show a side of me that I’m afraid will be judged. A part of me that I worry people will think I’m crazy or stupid.

But at the same time a part of me knows this is where the value comes in. When someone shares a story about themselves that involves overcoming obstacles I’m drawn to them. I find inspiration in their story and I hope others (even if just one person) finds hope in my story.

Women for One is a place where truthtellers are given a place to be vulnerable. A place where women can see someone else’s story, be inspired, find hope, and see themselves in someone else’s story. I’m grateful to be one of those truthtellers.

Thank you to Women for One for sharing my story.

Check it out on their website here:

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