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Nikki Gingrich is a mom who went from full-time employee to entrepreneur in order to follow her dream! During her journey she learned and experienced the value of a budget and positive money mindset. She also spent 11 years working for non-profits where she planned and executed over 100 events. Today she offers her knowledge through online programs, speaking engagements, her podcast, Stepping Up with Nikki Gingrich, and consulting.  She spends her time with her two young boys, her husband Ryan and their chocolate lab Jovi. 

Speech topics:

Budgeting 101

-Learning how to budget is one thing, but learning to manage that budget on a weekly basis, live within your means, work to not just cut back on expenses but increase income, all while keeping a positive mindset is so much more. To Nikki living this way has changed her life. In this talk you’ll learn the top tips to efficiently budget each week, how to best lay out your budget for your own needs, and how to feel good about the money you have.

Efficient Time Management

-We live in a world of busy! People expect emails and phone calls returned immediately and you are tied to your phone checking email at all hours of the day. Yet we are told we need to find a better work/life balance. It seems impossible to enjoy life, and also work. Nikki has found the most efficient way to grow her business and her income while working from home. It’s not the business she is in, it’s the way she works, and more importantly how she manages her schedule on a daily and weekly basis. In this workshop you’ll learn the top tools to efficiently manage your time to enjoy a true work/life balance. 

Event Planning 101

-Planning events can seem so daunting! After planning hundreds of events, Nikki discovered the science behind them. It’s a simple process, and she teaches that all to you in this workshop so you can go from idea to implementation to execution. Whether you are planning a simple cocktail party, or an extravagant gala the steps are the same. By knowing these steps you can easily follow the plan and execute an event beyond your wildest dreams!  

From Full-Time to Entrepreneur

-Leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck and a job to go to every day isn’t a decision made in just one moment. It’s a decision made over many moments. It involves discussions with family and friends. But how does one go from employee to entrepreneur? After years of attempting to create side hustles to free her from the 9-5 grind, Nikki decided to take a leap of faith before even starting her business. Because of her diligence to persevere she had a client before leaving her job, and has continued to increase her income and grow her business. In this talk she shares her story, and how you too can go from employee to entrepreneur!  

To inquire about Nikki speaking at your venue or event, email nikkigingrich@gmail.com

Fees are negotiable, and travel will be included for any events over 25 miles from Macungie, PA.