Why I joined network marketing

Network marketing gets a bad rap. One that for a long time I believed in as well. That is until I joined a company with a product I believed in and wanted to share to people.

The big lesson I’m learning is that it’s not for everyone!

Network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales, whatever you call it has a place in our world and for many people, the ones willing to do the work, it provides them with a sustainable and profitable career. It allows you to work from home, create your own schedule, provide a passive residual income and your success is based on your effort.

All sounds great right? Then why do so many people have such a negative reaction to this model of business?

Most likely because they’ve had a poor experience. Either they are bombarded by friends asking them to buy their products or host a party, or they signed up with difference expectations and realized it wasn’t as easy as they thought. Or, you feel like everyone you know is part of a MLM and all you see on Facebook is posts about their products. I may have blocked a few people because I was annoyed by their endless posting of the same thing over and over again. I was also asked repeatedly to join a certain business from one person and each time I said no she would reach out again anyway. This same person also reached out to a friend of mine that she doesn’t even know and sent her a message asking her to join her mom’s challenge. That’s not the worst of it…my friend isn’t a mom!!! I was infuriated when I found that out! At least do some research before just contacting people you don’t know!!!

Because of this negative experience I avoided any idea presented to me about joining any network marketing business. Yes, I supported my friends in their endeavors for various businesses but that’s as far as I went.

My Introduction to Network Marketing

I was eventually introduced to a product that me and my family were in need of. This wasn’t a bag or nail wraps or make-up (all of which I purchased and still use some of these products), it is whole food nutrition. My kids and I just got over being sick for pretty much an entire month and I would have done anything to keep us healthy. When I heard a pediatrician talk about balancing the immune system my ears perked up immediately. I had a problem and this product was my solution.

I got the products, but once again I avoided the business. Then once we started seeing our own results and I continued to learn more about the products and the company, I shared it with a friend of mine. It was scary to do that because I knew it was network marketing and I wasn’t even a part of the business yet. I immediately referred my friend to the person who shared it with me. Yet, again avoiding the business. I was happy to give referrals but didn’t want to get involved.

I don’t recall how it all happened next but I did eventually sign up for the business with no intentions of really “working” it. I saw that I could get commission on our products and if I have a few friends order than there’s a little extra cash for me.

During all of this time my desire to have my own business and be an entrepreneur kept pulling at me. I had been working with a business coach to build a fitness/running coaching business, but it wasn’t sitting right with me. I eventually dropped the business and the coach but still wanted something more.

I then turned to my network marketing company and explained to those above me my concerns. Out of options I decided to jump into it and a few months later attended my first conference.

That conference opened my eyes wide to all the possibilities this business can offer. Over 7,000 people in one room all coming together for the same mission and supporting each other along the way blew my mind!

Then came the connections with the others on my team. People I never met in person but had been talking to and seen on video chats became immediate friends. It was as though we’ve always known each other.

At that conference I decided to stick with it and at the time I was going all in. I saw women and men changing their lives and their family’s lives through financial freedom and time freedom. Wives working hard to reach the top level and earn health benefits so their husbands could retire early. Husbands and wives working together in this business showing their children the possibilities! I saw recent college grads create a stable income right out of the gate avoiding the corporate world all together.

So many stories of inspiration and hope!!! I drank the kool-aid and I mean all of it….chugged it down!!!! LOL

What’s next for me in network marketing

Finally the New Year comes and I really start diving into personal development and begin seeing myself walking away from my full-time job. What I was doing was still unclear to me, and because of that I leaned into the network marketing business but for some reason it wasn’t fully resonating with me.

I was being pulled in another direction, yet I still didn’t want to let go of network marketing.

Skipping a few months ahead and lots of drama, I did eventually quit my job and started my own consulting business. Long story here but a feeling in my gut is telling me to start my own business, something that’s just mine. So I did!

Now the big question has been what to do with my network marketing business?

I don’t want to let it go, and I know having more than one source of income is a smart decision. Can I do both???

For sometime I didn’t think I could and I was struggling with what to do. As I write this I’m on the train leaving a conference for this company. A conference I debated not going to because I’m not sure where this business is going for me.

But I paid and there was still a pull for me to go. Through the hesitation I went and boy am I glad I did!!! I got inspired again!!

I realized that over the last few weeks I’ve been over complicating things. I’ve been thinking too much of the to-do list and how I’ll never get it done. Instead I need to change my mindset to figure out what I can do with the time I have available. It doesn’t have to take me hours to work on my network marketing business while also growing my consulting business. I can do both!!

It’s about working smarter not harder!!!

I am going to be kind to myself, and celebratig the small wins.

I will take inspired action.

I will share authentically and with passion.

I will not compare myself to others. This is my journey no one else’s.

I will be a leader who leads with passion and purpose.

This is my story and everyone’s story is different.

I started my consulting business for a reason and I continue to stay with my network marketing business for a reason. Wherever they both lead me is unforseen right now, but I am living in the present and doing what feels good right now.

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