Mother’s Day isn’t always a day to celebrate

Mother’s Day isn’t always a day to celebrate.

For so many Mother’s Day is a joyful celebration. For me it’s a time to celebrate being so blessed to be a mom myself, to be grateful for the two little boys (and the fur baby of course) that are in my life. A reminder to be grateful that I’m so lucky to have my own mother and my mother-in-law in my life. In my short time as a mom I’ve really looked forward to Mother’s Day, but a few years ago that was not the case at all.

I was actually pregnant on my first Mother’s Day, but I refused to celebrate. I told my husband that I didn’t want any gifts, cards or even to say the words Happy Mother’s Day to me. Sounds ironic and slightly selfish considering many other people’s circumstances, but this is my story so I’m going to be real and tell you how I felt at the time.

Earlier that year I had a miscarriage and it was devastating to say the least. Luckily after the miscarriage we got pregnant fairly quickly and on that day in May we were still too early to tell people and being pregnant after a miscarriage is scary. It’s filled with worry and doubt that it will happen again so it’s hard to celebrate.

I watched on social media as my friends and family shouted out to their mom’s and showed pictures of their babies, while I sat with my own inner turmoil that I still might not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day the following year, and slightly angry that I couldn’t even celebrate the baby I had growing inside me because of my own fear.

So for others though, this day is a sad one. A one filled with only memories of their mom that has passed away, or of children that they have lost. For some it’s the yearning for the child they want so badly. While we celebrate and rejoice, they retreat and hide away.

For those not celebrating Mother’s Day for whatever reason please know you are in my prayers today and always! For those celebrating please take a moment to think of those who wished they were celebrating, or wished their own mom was there to celebrate with, or like me, they are too scared to celebrate.

I love you and I thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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