What My Meditation Looks Like

How Do I Meditate?

Meditation has become such a buzz word lately. So many people are talking about it and thankfully they are because that’s how I came to know meditation. I was listening to podcast after podcast that would talk about the value of meditation. Eventually I decided to give it a try.

I reached out to my friend who I know meditates and asked her where to start. She suggested an app called Calm so I tried it. It was good, but I had trouble staying consistent. There’s a calendar on the app and it keeps track of when you meditate and I could not get 3 days in a row. It just didn’t seem to be working for me.

I decided to forgo the app and try just googling meditations, unfortunately that didn’t work either. Eventually I just gave up and thought this isn’t something for me right now and I’ll try again another time.

That’s what I did. I went months without meditating, but I certainly thought about it a lot.

Then in the fall of 2017 my mind set started shifting and I started searching for more in life. I began a self-development journey that probably started a few years ago, but it seemed to go into overdrive suddenly. By January 2018 I was ready for a change in my life. I set a few goals, and one of those was to give meditation a try again.

This time it clicked! I don’t know where I found breathing meditation (but I sure wish I did so I could share it), but this quiet meditation focusing simply my breathing feels great.

Meditation quickly became a habit for me, and if I didn’t spend even a few minutes in quiet meditation my day felt off.

After a few months of meditation most mornings (mostly weekdays, I like to sleep in on the weekends) I started to see slow trickly affects in my life. Not only was I starting my day in this calm state of mind, but I was seeing more patience in myself. Patience especially with my kids.

Before meditation I couldn’t control my anger and I would fly off the handle at the smallest things. It would take me days to sometimes I realize what went wrong and apologize. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I started meditation.

Here are the 3 things Meditation has given to me:

  1. To recognize my feelings and emotions, how they make me feel inside my body. For me I very much feel emotion in my gut. I get a tightness in my stomach (um…hello constipation due to stress) and I get butterflies when I’m nervous.
  2. Now once I feel my feelings, I can redirect them. I have to recognize them, figure out why I feel this way and then change directions. This isn’t me ignoring my feelings, it’s realizing they are there, saying a quick hello and then moving on. I use to just push my feelings away, but now I sit with them and I feel them. Meditation has taught me that this is ok and actually good for me.
  3. To have more patience and more calm in my life. This is especially apparent with my husband and my kids. They can push my buttons like no one else, but thanks to meditation and recognizing my feelings I know pretty much right away when I’ve gotten angry for no reason or yelled at them because I was stressed out. Meditation has helped me to look inward to see a reflection of myself. When I get angry it’s not about the kids, it’s about something I’m dealing with at the moment. I know one day I’ll get to the point where I can redirect my anger before it happens, but the fact that I can recognize it and apologize pretty much right away is a huge step for me.

Have you thought about meditation?

Have you tried meditation before?

If you never have or you have and like me didn’t really see much benefit, I highly recommend trying again. Maybe a different way to meditate would be helpful. There is no right or wrong way, it’s just the way that works for you. I imagine my meditation practice will change and evolve as I continue to grow and evolve.

These are some of my favorite breathing meditation:

5 Minute Breathing Meditation

Sympathetic Breathing Meditation

Counting Breaths Meditation

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