The Stepping Up Mastermind

Be your own boss, create your own schedule and work on your terms

Create a business that allows you to work and live a life that aligns with your passions and your values!

Create a work/life balance that aligns your with values and priorities!!! 

Find joy and fulfillment in a business that fits your schedule!! 

By joining the Stepping Up Mastermind you will…

  • Learn how to set weekly intentions for your life and your business
  • Understand the habits you need to create to work with purpose and passion
  • Become the boss of your own time and schedule 

The Stepping Up Mastermind is an exclusive community of working moms coached by Nikki Gingrich, who are learning and building their businesses together.

What you get inside the Stepping Up Mastermind:

  • Access to all past trainings 
  • New LIVE  workshops  every month
  • Weekly intention setting
  • Community of working moms to encourage and support you along the way

Joining the Stepping up mastermind is as a easy as 1...2...3...

Why you can no longer believe your business will grow without being intentional…

  • 95% of our day is on autopilot. In order to do something different, we must become someone different.  
  • Stephen Covey says we must begin with the end in mind. 
  • Actions without an intentional goal will lead you nowhere. 
  • Your time is limited, stop wasting it on things that don’t get you to your ultimate destination – full-time entrepreneur! 

"How much does the stepping up mastermind cost?"

The mistake most people make is that they think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be. 

Or worse….

The time you waste on not reaching your goals is lost. You will never get that time back.  

What about the costs associated with those lost sales during that time? 

They say it takes a village for a reason. 

As a working mom there isn’t a whole lot of leftover time in your day. If you’re going to take time away from your family, it better for a good reason. 

Is it a good reason if you’re working your business and seeing ZERO results? 

Or is it a good reason if you’re working and hitting your goals?

This is your chance to learn from me and surround yourself with a village of working moms supporting and encouraging you! 

And you can join the Stepping Up Mastermind today for just $1 for your first month, and then $24.97/month. 

Your investment is fully backed by our guarantee

I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy customers. Nor do the other members want unsatisfied people in the group. If this is not the most amazing group of working moms you’ve been around, if you don’t learn anything from me, or you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email nikkigingrich@gmail.com cancelling your membership and you’ll receive a refund for one-month. 

No questions asked! 

-Nikki Gingrich 🙂 


Bonus #1 
Intention setting 1:1 call with Nikki to kickstart you towards your goals! ($97 Value)

Bonus #2 
Immediate access to the Budget 101 course to teach you how to create and follow a budget that helps your grow your income! ($36.99 value)

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