Intuition guides me in the face of fear

Listening to my intuition has served me well, even in the face of fear.

You know those butterflies you get in your stomach when something is about to happen, like a first kiss or going on an interview. Those little flutters deep inside your belly are intuition, it’s your gut telling you something.

Do you ever get those flutters looking at pictures, or thinking about an upcoming event? Even just the thought of doing something can bring them on.

Our gut is the place where we make the best decisions, it’s our body’s way of saying what you are doing is right. It’s like the cheering section at a stadium doing the wave. They are doing it just for you!!

Most times, and most people tend to ignore this feeling as if it’s nothing to be concerned with, it’s just nerves. I want to challenge that thinking and tell you that’s it’s something to listen to and really explore.

My intuition told me I was going to leave my job months before it happened. My intuition told me things were going to go awry and drastically changing my life would be the best decision I ever made. What’s interesting is that I could have chosen to ignore this gut feeling, to ignore my intuition. By doing so I would have stayed where I was, continued to be miserable and unhappy.

I could have easily come up with every excuse in the book to not make the decision I made, and trust me I’ve heard it from plenty of people. Not in a negative way, but in a way “wow I can’t believe you did that” and “that is so risky”. I could’ve told myself that it wasn’t possible, questioned what I would do, or say that I’d wait until my business was making enough money than I would leave work.

You know what, in my gut I knew that wasn’t going to work. If I was going to do this I had to make a big move. If you watch Survivor you’ll understand that in order to have a chance at winning the game you eventually have to make a big move. If you are the person that just skirts into the final three by tagging along someone else you don’t get any credit for the decisions made. You didn’t make a big move. Leaving my job with a steady paycheck was my million dollar move.

I don’t for a second regret the decision I made, and I don’t have a plan B. This is it and it’s going to work. It’s going to work because my intuition, my gut, my heart are all telling me it is.

Our intuition is an incredible thing, and if we just stop and listen to it we will make the best decisions possible to stay on the path we are meant to be on in this life. Unfortunately most people don’t take the time to listen to their intuition, they don’t take the time to sit and be still.

I urge to take just a few minutes every day to just sit still, to write, to take a quiet walk. Put your phone on airplane mode and just be still. At first it will be hard, but if you continue to do this every day and create a consistent habit you will tap into your intuition. Then once you’ve tapped in just start listening and then start taking action.

The more you sit in silence, the easier will become to listen to your intuition. It will also become easier to realize when you are swaying in the wrong direction, and course correct.

No longer ignore those gut feelings, because that is you being guided in the direction you were meant to go. Lean in, listen and act!!!

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