Free 5 Minute Meditation

As someone always on the go working full-time, raising 2 young boys, making dinner, coordinating lunches, planning for birthday parties, attending parties, cleaning the house, etc I was desperate for some quiet time.

I had been hearing about the benefit of meditation for a few years, but wasn’t ready to jump in until 2 years ago. It took me a year to find my groove with meditation, and when I became consistent with it is when I saw the benefits.

Meditation is where I get my best ideas, it is where I connect with who I am and where I get 5 minutes of peace and quiet (most days anyway, lol). Over time I found myself noticing that I was more calm, and could settle down more quickly. You know those moments when your blood is boiling, your heart is racing, and you just want to lash out at everyone around you? Yup, those moments become easier to handle.

I’m not perfect, those moments still happen, but when I learned to connect with my breath through meditation I was able to connect with my breath in those heated moments.

For me being consistent was easy when the meditations where short just 5-10 minutes. That is why I recorded this 5 minute meditation you can do anywhere.

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