To share my story and be vulnerable isn’t easy. There are my parts of my story that are easier to share than others.

The parts that are hard are the ones that open me up and show a side of me that I’m afraid will be judged. A part of me that I worry people will think I’m crazy or stupid.

But at the same time a part of me knows this is where the value comes in. When someone shares a story about themselves that involves overcoming obstacles I’m drawn to them. I find inspiration in their story and I hope others (even if just one person) finds hope in my story.

Women for One is a place where truthtellers are given a place to be vulnerable. A place where women can see someone else’s story, be inspired, find hope, and see themselves in someone else’s story. I’m grateful to be one of those truthtellers.

Thank you to Women for One for sharing my story.

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You can take all the actions you want, but if your mindset isn’t there than your actions won’t stick.

Think of this like all those new year’s resolutions you’ve made that never stuck. You know the ones you repeat year after year.

This is because in order to change your habits, or break those patterns, you must first change your mindset. By changing your mindset I’m talking about changing your identity and breaking old patterns.

Let me share a personal example.

For years I have been trying to budget effectively and learn how to save money. Every time I tried and I failed. I always fell back into old patterns. My pattern is that we have lots of money, than we have no money. During times of high income we spend, spend, spend, and pay off all the big bills. Then all of sudden the money is gone and we attempt to pinch pennies. The latter part of pinching pennies comes with lots of regret and frustration. It also includes jealousy of others who don’t live like this.

I read books, I budgeted, we paid off debt. Yet, we have always accumulated more debt.

This was our pattern.

After years of living like this I decided to take a different approach.

For the month of February I went all in working on my mindset and my identity around money. One of my focuses was also manifesting more money.

Imagine my disappointment when the end of the month came and we were pinching pennies again.

Typically in this situation I would start by updating our budget looking where we spent our money, and deciding areas we needed to cut the budget. Then I would completely fail cutting those things because I was annoyed that we had to live like this.

Instead this time around I leaned into all the tools I have been using including meditation, affirmations, emotional freedom technique or tapping, oracle cards, and prayer.

Rather than focusing on action items like budgeting, I focused on being that person who is wealthy, abundant and grateful.

Suddenly I found myself learning a very big lesson! I didn’t receive more money, but I learned that I had to endure this situation of pinching pennies to teach me about sacrifice.

To find my limiting belief around spending money out of frustration, rather than accepting that right now I need to make a sacrifice. I also didn’t just learn the lesson, I was given an opportunity to put this lesson into practice.

During all of this mindset work, my car, which is 11 years old, was ready to say goodbye. So here we are pinching pennies and either having to dump a ton of money into an old car, or get a new car.

Well, we decided the best option was to get a new car, and to lease a new car. I came up with a max number we could afford to pay monthly. I really really really wanted an SUV. After some research we found an SUV that was advertising a lease price of $160-$180. My excitement was through the roof!

I was starting to feel better. That was until I got to the dealership and realized that this wasn’t actually an option. Essentially they were advertising 2018 model cars for lease, when in reality at this time of year they don’t have any 2018 cars in stock. Crap!!!

After 3 hours at the car dealership, trying to work the best deal I could, getting frustrated, feeling the pressure from the sales guys, I had to put in practice exactly what I had been working on the last month.

It was time to sacrifice what I wanted and put our budget before my wants and desires.

To accept this took me a few hours. I was definitely upset, but through all the mindset work I was able to make this decision, feel really good about it and reframe my thoughts really quickly.

I went from sad and disappointed, to really happy and excited. I’m upleving so big going from a 2008 car to a brand 2019 car!! No more worries of it breaking down and having to get towed.

That vision of the car I really want is still there, but I’ve realized that it’s ok to not have it right now. To sacrifice getting it now so that I can live peacefully, within our budget, and then one day getting that exact car I want will be even more worth it!!!

If I hadn’t done all this work on my mindset I can definitely say I would have went with the more expensive car because that was my pattern. Wanting something badly and being frustrated that we couldn’t afford it but buying it anyway.

I am breaking that pattern and creating a new identity for myself around money. That feels fantastic!!!!

Yesterday I got the car, and it just felt so darn good driving around in yesterday!

I learned such a valuable lesson in all this and my vibes are still riding super high!!!

Is there a pattern you see in your life? One that you keep repeating, but can’t seem to break. Is it around money? Your health and wellness?

Take time to look at this pattern, figure out why you keep doing this, and determine your limiting belief that’s holding you back. Then take the time to work on your mindset around this thing, then the actions will follow easily, and you’re more likely to stick with this new way if you work on your mindset first.

It’s never too late to change your mindset and your identity!!!